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What Our Customers Say

"Not only has KLM saved our company thousands of dollars by properly maintaining all types of equipment throughout our facilities, but they are also proactive towards finding hidden cost savings. Services like Thermographic images that identifies trouble before a costly failure and Leak Audits that stop wasteful losses of Compressed Air, Inert Gasses or even Process Cooling Fluids."

-- Bill Boldery - Facilities Manager, Arvin Sango USA, Madison, IN



"Most of our projects associated with production, have very tight schedules and absolutely must be completed within the approved budget. The folks at KLM Mechanical understand the critical nature of these projects and are willing to do whatever it takes to complete the project with as little impact on production as possible."

-- Mike Stivers - Head of Maintenance Dept., Black and Decker Tools, Shelbyville, KY



"Being a large scale Research Forest, it has been very important for us to be well informed regarding all of the "GREEN" issues. KLM has done a great job replacing old inefficient HVAC equipment with new Energy Star, High Efficiency equipment. They have even utilized some of the newest technologies available such as, "Radiant Heat in concrete Floors" and Geothermal heat Pump applications."

-- Harold Hendricks - Operations Manager, Bernheim Research Forest, Clermont, KY



"It has been incredible, one call to KLM allows me to solve almost any problem that may need attention at one of our restaurants. From Ice Machines and Refrigeration to Kitchen Exhaust, Ventilation and HVAC, KLM is the one call that I depend on for quick solutions."

-- Doug Brink, Director of Operations for 23 Pizza Hut locations, 2JR Pizza Enterprises, Louisville, KY